The Minaya Agency is truly a business Bespoke.

Here, we believe it matters not what you do, but who's doing it.

"A Basketball in our hands is worth about $30 but in LeBron's it's worth millions.
A dream may just be a dream in your hands but leave it in ours and it becomes a mission."

Truly, whatever you need;
Whatever you business needs we get it done.

Our brand is built on the foundation of communication, transparency, and customer service.
We do however, realize we cannot do it all ourselves. Through strategic partnerships with some of the top local businesses we've mixed class A services with Top Tier Professionalism.

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Most Requested Services.
Moving / Transportation Property Management Home Improvement / Renovation

We take the hassle out of EVERYTHING.
NO more waiting on hold. On time Delivery, Never damaged products.
NO more tedious Tenants. Blue Chip Customer service
NO more lengthy calls with greedy contractors. Honest work at an Honest Price Just Give us a call, We'll handle it all!

Other Services -
Business Consulting
Career Development
Marketing / Advertising
Donations & Charities
Submit your request, we can handle the rest.

Vincent McFarland

"I believe it just takes the right person" ~ Vincent